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Archive for February, 2018

The Last Post!

Hi – and thank you for visiting my blog.

Those of you who are regular visitors will know that at the start of the year I changed the look of the blog and also introduced a new header. Now it is time to take the redesign of my blog to the next level with a brand new web address!

When I took my first uneasy steps into blogging back in September 2009 the focus of my work was very much on cardmaking – in fact the tagline for my blog was “An enormous passion for anything crafty especially cards.” Over the past eight and a half years (has it really been *that* long???) my crafting skills have grown, largely due to the inspiration of so many wonderfully talented blogging crafters, and my focus has also shifted. Obviously I still make a lot of cards – but the card itself is no longer the “be all and end all” of my work, I am far more focussed on all the stamping, distressing, painting, colouring and general messy fun stuff which goes into making the card – the card itself is really just the medium used to display my art.

As such I decided it was time to rebrand myself (doesn’t that sound important?) – so it’s “Goodbye ShirlsCards” and “Hello ShirlsArtwork”!

All future posts will go on my new site at www.shirlsartwork.com – and all of my old stuff will be there as well.

I would like to thank you all for visiting me over the years – and hope you will all join me on the next stage of my fabulous crafting adventure.

The old site will still be available until the domain name expires in October – but if you have a bookmark for my blog please remember to update it to reflect my new blog address.

If you previously subscribed to ShirlsCards then that subscription should have automatically migrated over to ShirlsArtwork – otherwise hubby’s gonna get it in the neck!  😆