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Bon Voyage Paloma

This is a very special post today, it’s all about the lovely Lys who started Paloma’s Peace Chain Journey around the world.

If you have not heard about dear Paloma then I urge you to go see all about how her journey started and who she has visited.

When I came back from my hols (we were away for nearly a month) there was a very large parcel sitting on my doormat.  Could not for the life of me think what I had ordered before I went away.

What an utter delight awaited me when I opened the parcel.  Dearest Corinne had sent Paloma on to me with an abundance of goodies in tow.

Poor little might must have flapped her wings like crazy, all the way from France to Wexford in Ireland.

She has made two very dear friends here in Ireland,  at first they were not so sure about her, but now that Paloma is winging her way across the Irish waters to another land they are very sad.

Her first newest friend is Penny, they bonded with each other from the very start.

We all need friendship and peace but sadly we do not see enough of it in the world today.
So what better way to showcase our dear little dove than with Man’s Best Friend?


She was very good whilst here and she shared herself around equally with the fur babies.

Byron actually was the gentlest with her and very protective, Penny wanted to play all the time.


I do hope that the photos above show how with a little bit of love, gentleness and kindness we could all live in a better world.

Palmona is just about to fly away to another chapter in her journey around the world to spread the word about peace and love.

Sadly not everyone can have this beautiful and tranquil scene from their garden but each and everyone of us can carry beauty and love in our hearts.

Farewell little one you have a long journey ahead of you across the Irish sea to another country but I am sure your message of love and peace flies with you.


Bon Voyage Paloma.