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Kinetic Fun In A Card

My first words are a huge thank you for all your lovely comments whilst being away. I am so behind with everything but I will be popping along to see you all in the coming week.

Finally back but when did I stop taking everything in my stride?? – Circumstances just went haywire when I went back to the UK for my grandsons birthday and they totally took me out of my comfort zone. A few years back I would have just shrugged and said “ah well what the heck”. I think I must have grown up somewhere along the line and not realised it!!!

When due to sail back they cancelled the boat due to bad weather conditions, Andrew went on line and changed my sailing dates for the next day, all good at this point.

Up with the larks and raring to go so off I started on my journey to the boat …two trains later and only as far as Bristol … Andrew telephoned to say they had cancelled the boat yet again. This time it was cancelled for two days. Got off the train and making my way across to another platform, ready for the trek back, it was then I realised that if I had been twenty years younger this would have been an adventure. I felt complete frustration that in this day and age they couldn’t inform the passengers sooner. Nobody’s fault when there are bad weather conditions but and a huge BUT we have all this technology at our finger tips and yet they couldn’t make a decision until the last minute … and I mean last minute … about whether the boat should sail!!

The up side was that I got another full day of crafting with my SIL Irene, three full days in all. We made some wonderful creations which will all be shown at later dates.

I have always had a fascination with kinetic cards, it’s the challenge of working out how the movement works. Sometimes just pasting things on and die cutting isn’t enough and the old grey cells want more stimulation. The workings out on copy paper for the pilot gets the juices flowing and when it works out it is a tremendous feeling.

Two birds with one stone and this is the card which my class made yesterday and they loved it.

This is a brilliant touchy feely card because of the flaps. When you first look they are not that noticeable it is only on closer inspection that you realise they are there. Then of course the fun starts all over again by the decorating of colour and stamps.

Fashionable Stamping Challenges this fortnight have the theme of Build It Up which was picked by the lovely Avril. You need to add at least three stamps or more to be in with a chance to win the $20 from Flonzcrafts.



It would be fantastic if you could pop on over for a peak at what the rest of the Fashionettes have created.


15 Responses to “Kinetic Fun In A Card”

  1. butterfly says:

    An absolutely beautiful card, Shirl – love anything interactive like this, and the colours are so subtle and natural – lovely!

    So sorry to hear about your nightmare journey… but nice to have the extra crafting time!
    Alison x

  2. Pam Prosser says:

    This card is amazing.

  3. dotsdabbles says:

    Oh Shirley…so sorry to hear that you have “grown up” – nevermind…maybe adventures will come your way again, just in a different way? I looove this interactive card. The gentle theme that flows from side to side is exquisite. Gorgeous coloiurs too!
    Dot x

  4. Pat says:

    Love the card shirl so glad you are home will catch up with you soon xxxxx

  5. Amanda says:

    This is beautiful Shirley, love each page and the subtle colours and vintage feel. Glad that you’re home safe and sound.
    Amanda x

  6. Irene Chillman says:

    Glad you got home safely, had a brilliant time crafting with you, looking forward to the next time, roll on April. Love the card, I’m sure your ladies had the best time making it.
    Speak to you soon.
    Irene xx

  7. Anne R says:

    Hi Shirl, so sorry to hear of your travel problems, it does seem silly in this day and age that they cannot update passengers early! I guess it was good that you extra crafty time though. I love your wonderful kinetic card, I have not seen that design before. What a wonderful surprise for the recipient. Anne xx

  8. Meggymay says:

    Fabulous card Shirley, its a super design. Hope you are getting over your nightmare return home.
    Yvonne x

  9. AJ says:

    Beautifully done. Love the out of the box thinking on this card.

  10. Oh what a lovely surprise of a card – that’s an absolute treat, gorgeously done. Glad you are back safe and sound and don’t worry – there’s plenty of adventures in you yet I’m sure! Nicolax

  11. Terry says:

    Well I had an unusual weekend as well with bad travel weather! Had planned to visit my DD in Portland and they were hit with a nasty winter storm. Something told me to cancel my flight and am I glad I did! Travel was next to impossible there and who knows if my flight could have ended up delayed or cancelled somewhere in between! Glad you are back! Your card is absolutely amazing with all the vintage pages. Love the details and design! Hugs!

  12. coco says:

    Oh, I love this Shirl!!!! Love the theme, the mini-book encapsulated within the card, really gorgeous!!!
    And I’m like you, sometimes so behind with everything… 🙁
    It looks like you have had a very long and eventful trip !!
    Hugs, Coco xx

  13. Silvia says:

    How cool, that’s a great idea and fabulous project.

  14. Claire C says:

    oh dear Shirley what a nightmare, looks like you made the most of your extra crafting time though. I adore this card -gorgeous colours and stamps and what a clever design. I’ll have to have a go at making one of those,
    Claire xx

  15. Avril says:

    Hi Shirley, just having a long overdue catch up -Sounds like you had a nightmare of a journey, but at least you had an extra days crafting.
    Love this card, gorgeous stamps and colours.
    Avril xx

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