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Funkie Junkie Bonus Tag #2

Well I did it, really wasn’t sure I was going to as I had to attend Waterford hospital for my check up today. This is my 2nd and very last bonus tag for Linda’s challenge.

#1 tag is here with the rules. Linda’s #2 Bonus Tag and the Funkie Junkie Boutique is here.

Thank you Linda for taking the time to give blogland this challenge and for sharing all your amazing tags so that we had inspiration along the way.

I ordered Tim’s stencils from Linda’s Boutique and when they arrived she had very kindly sent me some lovely little freebies, two of which were the jumbo tags that she sells and also a metal corner piece. Both have been used on my tag.

I followed the #2 bonus tag as far as the folding for my inspiration then off I went on my own merry little way.

For the 8″ tag I made my first score line at 1″ from the top (where the hole is) then I turned the tag around and scored at 3.5 from the bottom. When folded this makes a cute looking envelope.

Covered front and back with G45 papers but when adding the back paper I did not glue over the cardstock flap, instead I left the paper so it made another flap and trimmed the edges to match the front. This made a patterned flap and a plain. The plain flap was painted, then coloured with gilding wax before adding crackle medium. The metal corner embellie was also given the gilding wax treatment. Dimensional paste was added down the edge with a stencil and this too had a touch of wax.

Two magnetic discs were added to the inside flap and covered over with paper but guess which wally forgot to cover the two discs on the front piece of cardstock? When opened you can see the discs but I will rectify that later … might see how they react to wax as well, lol. I also stamped a Thank You on the inside lid.

Bonus Tag 2ndBonus Tag 2nd2

When opened you can see the lovely sentiment paper with a very romantic image. On the back there are gorgeous roses showing.

Bonus Tag 2nd 3Bonus Tag 2nd 4Bonus Tag 2nd 5

Must take time to finish my file folder now.