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Just Bee You

Made this little wall hanging before New Year and it was going to be my first make of 2014 until I was sidetracked by my memories of Kuwait.

Creating and crafting allows each and everyone of us to be ourselves and that is how this piece came about. I wanted something in my craft room that, when I am searching for a particular item on my shelves, as my eyes wandered they would glance upon it and remind me “Just To Be Me”.

I saw this fabby post from the lovely Anne, which I am sure relates to most of us, and below is a quote from part of her post:


“This January I decided that it’s the perfect time to finally get rid of that guilt. I challenge you to find one of your former ‘shopping sins’, open the packet, stroke it one last time, and then USE IT!

So bring out all of those treasured hoarded items that you feel guilty for buying and put them on show – and make your secretly gnawing scrapaholic’s guilt go away. As simple as that”.


Anne’s post is referring to the new challenge at Our Creative Corner – No More Shopping Sins which is a fabulous theme for a challenge.

I did exactly as Anne suggested – I opened the packet, stroked it (hopefully not for the last time) and USED IT. Phew that felt good!! Well not really because I had already made the hanging but I would have done that if I had seen your post first sweets.

Sadly Anne I am not going to take the rest of your advice and bring out all of my treasured hoarded items as hubby will see just how much I spend!!!

Bought these stamps by Wendy Vecchi back at the end of October but never had chance to use. Again lots going on with paints, inks, molding paste, an EF but the best part was using melted bees wax around the edges. Covered the sentiment and the bee with wax also..

Bee You1Bee You2Bee You3Bee You4

A very dear friend gave me a bag with teensy little cotton reels in it. The bag was cellophane but it was stapled to a rather nice piece of brown card with a logo on it. I carefully took out the staples so that I could have the brown card, turned it inside out so that it was plain, stamped on it and glued onto my wall hanging for the string to go through. Chuffed to bits how it turned out.

“The bee is a stinging winged insect which collects nectar and pollen, produces wax and honey and lives in large communities.”